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AQTRONIX WebKnight - Downloads

WebKnight Support Contracts

With a support contract you get:

  • direct e-mail support from the lead developer
  • access to our latest version of WebKnight
  • help in installation, configuration, log analysis, troubleshooting...
  • bugfixes and new features with pre-release versions of WebKnight
  • PCI DSS compliance

WebKnight Professional - 99 EUR
  • 1 IIS machine
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Small Business - 249 EUR
  • 5 IIS machines
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Enterprise - 499 EUR
  • unlimited IIS/ISA/TMG machines in your company
  • 1 year support
  • custom builds of WebKnight possible for your specific needs
WebKnight Downloads
  • Download WebKnight 4.2 (only for support contracts) Changelog

    This is a bugfix release
    • Added new XSS keywords. Special thanks to Mazin Ahmed for reporting this.
    • Fixed some IIS 7/8 compatibility issues.
    • Improved scanning multipart entities and certain postdata scanning rules by default enabled.

  • Robots.xml
    The latest version of the Robots.xml file used by WebKnight. Download and overwrite the existing file in your WebKnight folder to have the latest database of known robots. WebKnight will automatically detect the new file and load it.

Older Downloads - WebKnight 4.x
  • WebKnight 4.1 (Release date: 2015.02.05)
    This is a bugfix release
    • Fixed major bug where a certain encoding could be used to bypass WebKnight. Improved built-in decoding engine.
    • Fixed other smaller issues with the new configuration file format and added a few new keywords to the default settings.
    • User-agents can be excluded from scanning.
    • Installer supports unattended setup.
    • An updated log reader is also included.

  • WebKnight 4.0 (Release date: 2014.11.11)
    This is a feature release
    • Action per rule: you can decide what action to take per rule instead of the same response for all rules. You can set the action to log, block, monitor or block the IP address per rule.
    • Fixed ISA Server 2004 compatibility issue.
    • An updated config utility and log reader is also included.

Older Downloads - WebKnight 3.x
  • WebKnight 3.2 (Release date: 2014.04.07)
    This is a bugfix release with a few major bugs fixed and some new features as well.
    • Improved our XSS filtering. Special thanks to Rafay Baloch for suggesting the needed changes.
    • Fixed partial content issue with inline PDF viewer.
    • Fixed issue with downloading files larger than 256MiB in IIS 7.
    • Added ability to change all HTTP response headers.
    • Possibility to adjust the number of matches when scanning for SQL injection.
    • Syslog to IPv6 host is now possible.

  • WebKnight 3.1 (Release date: 2013.07.31)
    This is a bugfix release with lots of small bugs fixed and some new features as well.
    • Information disclosure rule was not always working.
    • Ready for IPv6.
    • Correct HTTP status in IIS log files instead of "200" when blocked by WebKnight and possibility to change the c-ip with another header (for use with a CDN).
    • Added DDoS protection for particular urls.
    • Improved admin interface with diagnostics feature and fix for IIS 8.
    • Improved installer with upgrade of WebKnight.xml during setup.
    • A new version of the config utility and updated robots database is also included in this release.

  • WebKnight 3.0 (Release date: 2013.04.04)
    This is a feature release.
    • Added a built-in website for WebKnight administration and statistics.
    • Added ISAPI Extension. This enables raw data (POST data) scanning, just like the ISAPI filter does on IIS 5 but now for IIS7 and later (and IIS 6 Worker Process Mode).
    • Some additional functionality in scanning the User-Agent header like high bit shellcode detection, special whitespace and spoofing detection.
    • Added some more rules and better default settings. Now, you can also exclude websites by Host header.
    • Also install a 32-bit version of WebKnight on 64-bit version operating system (for 32-bit application pools in IIS).
    • Settings per website is also possible for IIS 7. Copy WebKnight.xml to WebKnight.[ApplicationPoolIdentity].xml like WebKnight.DefaultAppPool.xml for the default website.
    • A new version of the config utility, log reader application and updated robots database is also included in this release.

Older Downloads - WebKnight 2.x
  • WebKnight 2.5 (Release date: 2012.11.18)
    This is a feature release and some important bugfixes as well.
    • Added regular expression scanning
    • Block slow header/post attacks
    • Cloaking of robots.txt file
    • Full PCI DSS compliance: block credit card information disclosure
    • Improved Forefront TMG compatibility
    • Possibility to exclude certain urls from being scanned
    • Fix Windows 2000 syslog compatibility issue (WebKnight 2.4 did not work on W2K)
    • Fix IP address parsing bug

  • WebKnight 2.4 (Release date: 2010.12.29)
    • This is a bugfix release. Improved scanning engine and fixed one major bug that resulted in possible bypass of WebKnight scanning and thus allowing requests that should have been blocked.
    • Added syslog functionality to forward alerts.
    • Improved installer package: better support for IIS 7.5 and set NTFS permissions during setup.
    • An updated robots database and updated log reader is also included in this release.

  • WebKnight 2.3 (Release date: 2010.04.03)
    • Improved support for 64bit and IIS 7 and ISA Server. Improved logging with multiple log files concurrently (Per Process Owner Logging). Improved support for reverse proxy/CDN systems, you can specify which server variable to use to get the client IP address. This version comes with ISA Server installer script for installing WebKnight inside ISA Server 2000/2004/2006.
    • Extended scanning engine with new features like general querystring/data/cookie variable length and ripping protection for certain file types. Added lots of SQL keywords for improved SQL injection scanning.
    • A new version of the config utility, log reader application and updated robots database is also included in this release.

  • WebKnight 2.2 (Release date: 2008.09.02)
    This release is ready for IIS 7 and 64-bit. Fixed a few minor issues and extended scanning for SQL injection in the referrer, extended cookie scanning and certain XSS attacks. It is now also possible to monitor or block an IP address after an alert has been triggered. A new version of the config utility, log reader application and updated robots database is also included in this release.

  • WebKnight 2.1 (Release date: 2007.10.08)
    This is mainly a bug fix release of version 2.0. There was an issue with running WebKnight 2.0 on systems that are non-Latin (like Korean). This is fixed in this release and users running version 2.0 are strongly recommended to upgrade to this version. Version 1.3 and below is not affected by this bug. You can now also exclude certain IP addresses or ranges from scanning. A new version of the log reader application and updated robots database is also included in this release.

  • WebKnight 2.0 (Release date: 2006.12.24)
    This is a major revision with support for blocking certain robots (a large robot database is provided), user agent scanning, referrer header scanning (with hotlinking blocking), connection control, authentication scanning and improved compatibility with web applications. Fixed a few bugs involving IIS 6. A log reader application and an improved configuration editor is also provided.
Older Downloads - WebKnight 1.x
  • WebKnight 1.3 (Release date: 2003.11.10)
    Added an additional layer of protection by scanning the url in more than 1 event and checking the url for RFC compliance and improved scanning for encoding abuse in the url, logging can now be done in GMT/UTC or local time, fixed some compatibility issues and a few minor bugs: SQL injection scanning was too restrictive and fixed bug where the settings file would get corrupted and WebKnight would use its default settings.

  • WebKnight 1.2 (Release date: 2003.09.08)
    Switched to GMT/UTC logging, made the WebKnight log file more compatible with log analysis/reporting tools, added one extra security feature: Allowed HTTP Versions, removed a few minor bugs and removed one major bug involving SSL.

  • WebKnight 1.1 (Release date: 2003.07.14)
    Added some extra security measures, removed a few bugs, removed some compatibility issues with ASP.NET,...
    Users running this version of WebKnight are advised to upgrade to the latest version.

  • WebKnight 1.0 (Release date: 2003.03.24)
    First official release
    Users running this version of WebKnight are advised to upgrade to the latest version.

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