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AQTRONIX WebKnight - Downloads

WebKnight Support Contracts

With a support contract you get:

  • direct e-mail support from the lead developer
  • access to our latest version of WebKnight
  • help in installation, configuration, log analysis, troubleshooting...
  • bugfixes and new features with pre-release versions of WebKnight
  • PCI DSS compliance

WebKnight Professional - 99 EUR
  • 1 IIS machine
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Small Business - 249 EUR
  • 5 IIS machines
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Enterprise - 499 EUR
  • unlimited IIS/ISA/TMG machines in your company
  • 1 year support
  • custom builds of WebKnight possible for your specific needs
WebKnight Downloads
  • Download WebKnight 4.4 (only for support contracts) Changelog

    This is a feature release focused on payload obfuscations and filter evasions.

    • Whitelisting: define validators for your web application parameters, eliminating XSS and SQLi issues. WebKnight suggests validators based on scanned traffic.
    • Added a lot of new signatures to detect attacks using filter evasion techniques and encoding obfuscation.
    • Improved XSS scanning. Special thanks to Ashar Javed (@soaj1664ashar) for reporting additional keywords and suggesting improvements.
    • Added Host header scanning.
    • Improved Referrer url scanning.
    • Improved SQL injection scanning to prevent obfuscations and added more keywords.

  • Robots.xml
    The latest version of the Robots.xml file used by WebKnight. Download and overwrite the existing file in your WebKnight folder to have the latest database of known robots. WebKnight will automatically detect the new file and load it.

Older Downloads - WebKnight 4.x
  • WebKnight 4.3 (Release date: 2015.10.07)
    This is a feature release focused on improving our scanning engine and related bug fixes.

    • Added a lot of new signatures to detect remote file inclusion and PHP exploits.
    • Improved SQL injection scanning. Special thanks to Khalil Bijjou for reporting some bypasses and suggesting improvements.
    • Forms Authentication scanning.
    • Detect parameter pollution attacks.
    • Added new XSS keywords for mobile devices, animations...
    • Deny payloads (post data) for certain methods.
    • Fixed mp3/mp4 files not playing in Chrome/IE.
    • Fixed OnUrlMap race condition between IIS 8 and WebKnight.
    • IIS Authentication notification can be disabled, this fixes the issue in KB 2605401.

  • WebKnight 4.2 (Release date: 2015.07.01)
    This is a bugfix release
    • Added new XSS keywords. Special thanks to Mazin Ahmed for reporting this.
    • Fixed some IIS 7/8 compatibility issues.
    • Improved scanning multipart entities and certain postdata scanning rules by default enabled.

  • WebKnight 4.1 (Release date: 2015.02.05)
    This is a bugfix release
    • Fixed major bug where a certain encoding could be used to bypass WebKnight. Improved built-in decoding engine.
    • Fixed other smaller issues with the new configuration file format and added a few new keywords to the default settings.
    • User-agents can be excluded from scanning.
    • Installer supports unattended setup.
    • An updated log reader is also included.

  • WebKnight 4.0 (Release date: 2014.11.11)
    This is a feature release
    • Action per rule: you can decide what action to take per rule instead of the same response for all rules. You can set the action to log, block, monitor or block the IP address per rule.
    • Fixed ISA Server 2004 compatibility issue.
    • An updated config utility and log reader is also included.

Archived Downloads

Go to Archived downloads.

They are provided as a reference only. Do not use them in a production environment.

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