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WebKnight Support Contracts

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With a support contract you get:

  • direct e-mail support from the lead developer
  • access to our latest version of WebKnight
  • help in installation, configuration, log analysis, troubleshooting...
  • bugfixes and new features with pre-release versions of WebKnight
  • PCI DSS compliance

WebKnight Professional - 99 EUR
  • 1 IIS machine
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Small Business - 249 EUR
  • 5 IIS machines
  • 1 year support

WebKnight Enterprise - 499 EUR
  • unlimited IIS/ISA/TMG machines in your company
  • 1 year support
  • custom builds of WebKnight possible for your specific needs
Contact Support
Contact support directly:
(the e-mail associated with your support contract. For enterprise contracts, only the domain name needs to be the same)
WebKnight F.A.Q

The F.A.Q. with most of the common issues:

WebKnight Settings Preview

There is currently no manual about the settings, but the config utility shows an explanation for each setting, which you can preview here.

Third Party Manuals

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