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aipboteditYes5/07/2005 10:37:43
Nameprotect copyright search robot

aipbot = NPBot
BDFetcheditYes5/02/2004 20:28:12
Brandimensions' Brand Protection and Reputation Management programs offer you complete protection for your brands and trademarks from misuse online.

also uses: Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1) if BDFetch is blocked
CatchBotedit9/09/2008 13:55:03
CatchBot is the web crawler for Catch, the online division of Reed Business Information Australia. Reed Business Information is Australia’s leading and largest business to business publisher and information provider.

CatchBot investigates websites for publicly available information about companies, such as a company’s name, address, telephone number and keyword data about a company’s products and services. CatchBot is not designed to access or index any personal information or any information about individuals.

Information gathered by CatchBot is stored on our password protected servers and the security of this information is of the highest importance to us.

Information gathered by CatchBot may be used for business activities that are undertaken by Catch. Examples of this include publishing and maintaining business directories in various countries around the world, industry specific websites and online portals
CopyRightCheckedit5/02/2004 20:48:49
CyveillanceeditYes14/02/2004 13:03:08
- Copyright and trademark spooks that use a fake user agent string, best is to block their IP range(s)

Some additional behaviour about this bot
- Does not request robots.txt
- does not come in deep (requests home page first before going what it wants)
- Accept-Language header: en-us
- fell for bot-trap (of course, because it does not even request robots.txt), but uses a stealth technique: if your bottrap is something like /bottrap/ it will request /bottrap to receive a 302 response so that it knows if the folder exists without actually entering the folder.
Is this correct?
# Cyveillance Office #
# Cyveillance's Lawyers #
# Suspicious External connections #
Digimarc MarcspidereditYes11/02/2004 16:10:24
Digimarc MarcSpider image tracking technology searches over 50 million images on the web a month to determine where digitally watermarked images have been posted. As a MarcSpider subscriber, you have unlimited access to online reports about where your images are found.
Digimarc Marcspider/CGIeditYes11/02/2004 16:11:14
Similar to Digimarc Marcspider, Marcspider/CGI examines image files for watermarks but more focused on CGI Urls. In order to not waste internet bandwidth with yet another crawler, we have contracted with one of the major crawlers/seach engines to provide us with a list of specific CGI URLs of interest to us. If an URL is to a page of interest (via CGI), then we access the page to get the image URLs from it, but we do not crawl to any other pages.
HubPagesedit13/11/2014 14:34:26
As part of HubPages' effort to protect intellectual property, we use a "robot" to crawl pages of other sites to help ensure that content submitted to HubPages is not copied from those sites.
IntelliseekeditYes13/05/2006 12:17:04
ip-web-crawler.comedit30/03/2013 10:36:56
Intellectual Property Web Crawler
MarkAny WebSaferedit1/07/2008 15:37:02
MarkAny is a Korean rights management company.
WebSafer is their web content protection system.
ActiveX client control requests "/MarkAny/Websafer/MaSiteInfo.ini".

A reverse proxy is installed in front of the web server with content that needs protection. When a web browser wants access to protected content, it will first be presented with an ActiveX control to be installed.

The ActiveX control:
- installs "automatically".
- switches between protected and unprotected mode automatically;
probably why it requests the file /MarkAny/Websafer/MaSiteInfo.ini
- removes view source, print, and clipboard actions from menus.
- removes visits to protected pages from the browser history.
- removes access to right-click context menu.
- tries to stop screen capture programs.
MarketDefenderBotedit17/12/2009 0:57:38
MarkWatcheditYes5/02/2004 20:38:08
MarkWatch scans and filters a wide range of Internet content to find your trademark, brand name or other information
Matheo Patentedit24/04/2010 1:35:42
Morrison & Foersteredit24/09/2015 23:14:58
Intellectual Property
Netvibesedit11/03/2015 9:18:16
NPBoteditYes5/02/2004 20:40:54
NPBot is the NameProtect Inc. web crawler. As a Digital Brand Asset Management company, NameProtect engages in crawling activity in search of a wide range of brand and other intellectual property violation.

NPBot is now aipbot
oboteditYes2/06/2006 1:34:23
Cobion Germany Brand Protection Services

Cobion also does web content filtering, however, this bot is (was?) used for brand protection.
Cobion is now part of ISS.
ScreenerBot Crawleredit10/04/2013 11:59:52
Fell for bad bot trap, but is an MPAA bot from William J. Olson Attorneys. They allow exclusion by submitting your domain on their site. Ignores robots.txt because they are probably looking for screeners of movies.
SlySearcheditYes5/02/2004 20:44:40
This is a previous name for TurnitinBot.
TurnitinBoteditYes5/02/2004 20:46:44
This robot collects content from the Internet for the sole purpose of helping educational institutions prevent plagiarism. In particular, we compare student papers against the content we find on the Internet to see if we can find similarities.
Webclipping.comedit25/07/2005 1:43:10
WebClipping provides clients with news, information, and rumors from every key online source that impacts their business. With critical information collected and delivered to them, decision-makers can spot threats and opportunities in time to act effectively while saving hours of manual research.

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