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User Agent VerifiedDate Added
.NET CLReditYes9/02/2004 22:07:25
Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET CLR 1.1edit23/08/2010 1:05:59
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
.NET CLR 2.0edit23/08/2010 1:02:08
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
.NET CLR 3.0edit23/08/2010 1:02:46
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
.NET CLR 3.5edit23/08/2010 1:06:28
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
.NET Framework 4editYes13/12/2009 0:37:59
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4
.NET Framework 4.0CeditYes2/06/2010 11:21:56
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0C
.NET Framework 4.0EeditYes2/06/2010 11:24:18
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0E
A1 Sitemap Generatoredit1/12/2008 0:41:52
Create Text, HTML, RSS and XML sitemaps for your website.
Acme.SpidereditYes10/02/2004 20:34:17
A Java utility class for writing your own robots.
Due to a deficiency in Java it's not currently possible to set the User-Agent.
AnyEvent-HTTPedit20/11/2012 22:48:05
Apache-HttpAsyncClientedit23/07/2013 9:47:10
AppleWebKiteditYes9/02/2004 22:13:52
AspTearedit1/12/2012 12:41:51
Does HTTP requests from ASP
BackWebedit3/04/2006 23:42:21
backweb-8876480.exe is a process that comes with the Logitech products software. It manages the automatic update check as well as providing you with new for the latest offers and products from Logitech.
Basic ECC zlibedit5/01/2015 11:25:29
BinGetedit2/01/2014 11:35:05
load() Function for PHP - Fetch URL Content
bsalsa Bad User Agentedit4/11/2006 23:17:21
user agent is not RFC compliant!
CakePHPedit6/02/2014 14:36:35
CFNetworkeditYes9/02/2004 22:14:53
The CFNetwork API provides a suite of high-level functions that make it easy to work with low-level BSD sockets for a variety of purposes.
ColdFusioneditYes9/02/2004 22:15:45
With ColdFusion MX, you can build and deploy powerful web applications and web services
contypeeditYes9/02/2004 23:00:24
This is a component of the Internet Explorer browser used when downloading PDF and similar files. It is outdated, poorly implemented, and can cause downloads to fail where authorization is required.
Customized PHPedit17/03/2014 10:08:05
daemonedit16/05/2010 23:38:18
daemon = software component running as a service on a computer. Mostly seen with unix/linux
Drupaledit15/10/2006 15:28:51
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