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ActiveBookmarkedit22/02/2009 23:30:55
This is little and handly utility necessary most of all for people who likes read a big web pages using Internet Explorer. Main feature of Active Bookmark is ability make bookmark to concrete place of the page, and ability make much bookmarks to one web page. Also Active Bookmark can automatically fill short decribtions of bookmarks which loading from "title" HTML tag of web page and long description which loading from "Description" meta tag of web page. And also turn on Internet Explorer in edit mode as a result you can use IE as powerful WYSIWYG editor.
Advanced BrowsereditYes6/02/2004 0:02:30
Are you tired of the old drab and boring look of your Internet Explorer? Don't you want to switch to something nicer looking and more functional while keeping all the good things that Internet Explorer has - like being the easiest browser to use? Try Advanced Browser, an Internet Explorer based web browser with quite a few innovative new features.
Alexa Toolbaredit11/02/2004 20:32:08
Alexa's Toolbar Service improves your ability to use the Web. One of its most important features is Related Links, which tells you about websites that are "related" to the ones you are viewing while surfing the Web and which you may find interesting. It does this, in part, by logging and analyzing the Web surfing patterns of Alexa users, which we call usage paths. These usage paths are also used to create research and commercial reports that analyze aggregate Web usage patterns.
AlexaToolbaredit13/12/2009 13:02:28
annotate_googleedit10/09/2015 23:03:30
Firefox extension for annotating Google search results
Anonymizied by Doitchedit15/11/2005 0:18:39
AskBaredit6/02/2004 0:10:12
askBAR was created to provide a community where members could draw upon each other to find answers on any topic imaginable.
AskTBedit7/11/2009 0:45:13
AskTbACDSedit9/08/2011 13:11:22
AskTbADedit7/07/2010 12:08:15
AskTbADAPedit3/11/2010 1:06:10
AskTbADKedit11/04/2012 12:08:51
AskTbAFedit31/10/2010 23:53:05
AskTbAF3-SRSedit17/03/2011 4:36:52
AskTbAGHedit16/07/2010 23:51:50
AskTbALSVedit16/06/2010 12:39:04
AskTbAM1edit28/02/2011 1:24:31
AskTbANTedit17/03/2011 5:33:33
AskTbAPLVedit28/07/2010 15:34:54
AskTbARCDedit5/09/2011 1:05:29
AskTbARSedit7/06/2010 14:56:45
AskTbARS2edit24/10/2012 12:59:16
AskTbASedit19/01/2012 11:44:57
AskTbASKedit4/08/2011 15:55:05
AskTbASVedit3/11/2010 12:08:20
AskTbATUedit1/03/2011 17:57:02
AskTbATU2edit5/06/2010 17:09:02
AskTbATU2-STedit28/02/2011 1:43:52
AskTbATU3edit25/06/2010 11:59:57
AskTbATU-ASKedit24/04/2010 0:57:46
AskTbATU-QBDedit21/04/2010 13:56:55
AskTbATU-SRSedit24/04/2010 13:04:15
AskTbAUDedit19/11/2010 14:09:06
AskTbAVRedit31/07/2012 11:55:12
AskTbAVR-IDWedit31/10/2011 15:53:21
AskTbAVR-W1edit28/07/2011 11:34:56
AskTbAWRedit10/12/2011 22:09:46
AskTbAXBXedit14/12/2011 22:11:18
AskTbBA2edit17/11/2011 15:14:45
AskTbBAV5edit22/05/2010 12:35:31
AskTbBBY2-SRSedit16/01/2011 14:16:31
AskTbBBY-SRSedit13/04/2011 16:25:21
AskTbBCPAedit25/04/2010 17:26:31
AskTbBGMedit25/11/2011 15:29:59
AskTbBLPV5edit4/07/2010 2:12:03
AskTbBLTedit6/06/2010 16:07:41
AskTbBOOedit12/12/2010 12:12:20
AskTbBPLV5edit21/09/2010 14:06:04
AskTbBSPedit4/10/2010 16:54:44
AskTbBTedit9/06/2010 11:24:55
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