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dwb/editYes30/04/2014 10:21:55
dwb is a lightweight web browser based on the webkit web browser engine and the gtk toolkit. dwb is highly customizable and can be easily configured through a web interface. It intends to be mostly keyboard driven, inspired by firefox's vimperator plugin.
115Browseredit29/10/2014 8:23:01
Ace Exploreredit20/12/2012 17:19:18
Acorn Browseedit11/01/2007 22:14:07
old browser, fell for bad bot trap
AmigaVoyageredit9/09/2007 10:30:54
ANTFrescoeditYes8/02/2004 23:01:42
Fresco is a web browser designed for the RISC operating system initially installed on Acorn computers but now also installed on a range of powerful computer workstations.
Babya DiscoverereditYes19/12/2006 22:22:12
Babya Discoverer was designed for kids in mind - it has links to kids sites and has password protection settings for parents.
BarcaProedit1/12/2008 0:43:33
bdbrowser_i18nedit8/03/2014 11:18:28
Bilbo - Nessus WEBedit9/02/2004 20:40:02
Bilbo is a simple web frontend for the Nessus Security Scanner.
BrowseXeditYes15/01/2007 23:32:39
Cafiedit8/02/2004 23:02:47
CaminoeditYes8/02/2004 23:04:07
Camino (formerly known as Chimera) is a web browser for Mac OS X that has a Cocoa user interface, and embeds the Gecko layout engine. It is intended to be a simple, small and fast browser for Mac OS X.
coc_coc_browseredit11/09/2014 9:37:41
compatibleedit14/09/2009 23:21:20
compatibility tag
COSMOSeditYes1/06/2006 22:58:26
Referer: COSMOS
browser behavior (requested single page + stylesheet + favicon)
Deepnet ExplorereditYes2/06/2006 1:09:54
Deepnet Explorer, the world's first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm. The browser's superior security, functionality and usability, still makes Deepnet stand out from the crowd. Switch now to experience browsing like never before.
Dorado P36_WAP-Browseredit22/11/2014 8:16:57
DreamKey BrowsereditYes8/02/2004 23:10:30
Sega Dreamcast builtin browser
Enigma BrowsereditYes19/08/2007 16:08:41
EpiphanyeditYes8/02/2004 23:12:43
The web browser for the GNOME Desktop
Explorer.EXEeditYes9/09/2005 17:48:30
Microsoft Windows Explorer.EXE
Flockedit12/08/2007 23:24:56
fell for bad bot trap (guestbook spam trap)
GaleoneditYes8/02/2004 23:22:34
Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on gecko (the mozilla rendering engine). It's fast, it has a light interface, and it is fully standards-compliant.
GetWebeditYes8/09/2006 0:26:51
GetWeb enables individuals without Internet access to explore the World Wide Web. SATELLIFE developed GetWeb so that health professionals who only have e-mail can access information on the World Wide Web, including PDF files. Users prepare an e-mail message indicating the Web address of a document or site they wish to 'visit'. GetWeb then processes the message, retrieves the Web content, and returns the results as text in an e-mail message. To retrieve linked documents or pages at a Web site, further messages are sent to GetWeb for automated processing.
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