AQTRONIX WebKnight - Referrer Scanning / Hot Linking

WebKnight can scan the "Referer:" header. This enables several interesting features. You can deny other domains from using your images or direct linking to your downloads or other file types. Blocking certain CSRF attacks is also possible with this feature. In the WebKnight configuration file, you will find all this in the "Referrer" section.

Block Hot Linking

You can block hot linking (also called deep linking or direct linking) to certain file types. These file types are identified by their extension. In addition, you can block all non-local domains from hot linking or only block certain domains.

You can also block blank referrers to your files (direct downloads when the link is entered in a browser), but this will also block visitors that use certain proxy servers or have filtering software installed that remove the Referrer header.

From WebKnight 2.5 and later you can also block hot linking to certain urls, not just file types. This allows you to block certain CSRF attacks on those urls.

Block Referring Domains

You can deny other domains from linking to you: "Use Deny Referrer Sequences" and add their domains to the list below that ("Deny Referrer Sequences").

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